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      Your wisdom is always supernal, William, said Varley, absently. What is it? Is Dogs Ear going to attack the Melbourne Bank?

      Beautiful, is it not? There are few finer bays in England. Look straight below you, my dear. You see how the coast curves? That is where the new watering-place, that I told you of last night, is to be. Therejust by that jutting rockwill be the pier, and the esplanade will run round the curve, with the houses, in a terrace, at the back. It will make a capital seaside town, will it not?

      Certainly, he said in his grave fashion.Yes, I can understand that, said Lilias. Did she look very ill?

      Its a habit they have, he said. They dont mean to be servile; in fact, theyre rather an independent crew, but they just do it out of politeness, and because they have known us all their lives.

      The two men went out, and Esmeralda sunk into a chair. The woman put some food on the table and motioned Esmeralda to eat and drink. She drank some tea and nibbled at some bread and butter, though, as may be well understood, she was not much inclined for eating; but she deemed it best to put on a cheerful countenance and affect to take things coolly.

      Do! said the young fellow. Therell be a fearful crush, for Miss Chetwynde will be a great attraction; but I dare say we can fight our way in.




      "Yes, I know, 'twas hers."They found the mare patiently awaiting them, and Bill, after bestowing a few words of praise, which the animal understood and appreciated most perfectly, insisted upon Varleys getting into the saddle. As they rode back to the camp, Varley concocted and matured a plan of operation. No one would have guessed that anything serious was in the wind, as the two men sauntered up to the bar of the Eldorado, and with a Mares all right! called for a drink. Nor had any one any inkling of the expedition even, when, at six oclock the next evening, Varley, stretching himself and yawning, got up from the table and sauntered into the open air, where, at a little distance, Bill and five other men were already in the saddle, with Varleys fast mare in their midst.